Assets Accepted

LuxLoanz is willing to accept a number of different assets to lend against. Those include, Gemstones and jewelry, Watches, exotic and collectable Automobiles, Wine collections, Fine Art, Yachts and Jets.

Luxury Cars

There are different classes of Automobiles:  Classic, antique, exotic, auction and collectable.  We have procured the most qualified appraisers, shippers and storage in the Miami area.  We strive to ensure your vehicle is in a excellent facility which is climate and humidity controlled, secure and offers monthly maintenance if necessary.


There is a vast variety of gems, metals, brands and of course types.  Diamonds, antique and period gems, and watches are some of the more popular items we accept as assets.  We typically don’t lend on anything less that a carat with regard to gemstones.  Pearls are classified as a gemstone, and don’t fall under that restriction.
Documentation from GIA, the European Gemological Laboratory,  the International Gemological Institute or the Gemological Association, accompanied with your asset is helpful.

Wine Collections

Vintage and non vintage wines that have been properly cellared are an additional asset we will lend against. Bottles are considered in good condition by the condition of the label, the cork and ullage level.
Any and all supporting documents such as auction receipts, original casing, wine merchant info and purchase info from the vintner is an added value.


Judaica Art, Asian Art (Chinese, Korean, Japanese Fine Art, Pre-Modern Art and Textiles, and more.). 
Ancient and Ethnographic  (African, Ancient, Native American, Natural History, Pre-Columbian Art and more).
Fine Art (Paintings, prints, sculpture, American, European, Modern, Contemporary, and more.)